Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Old Republic is officially out!

Alright so after playing TOR for about 5 days now here's my initial reaction to the game.

The game is spectacular. It is a very fun game and I can totally see this being an amazing experience that will keep us entertained for years to come. One thing I have to admit to is the fact that this was over hyped. This game is very fun but I need to be frank, the way we looked forward to this game was as if it was the second coming of Christ. I mean seriously we worshiped this game and every Friday we flew home from school seeing what new features would be in the game. We all need to remember that this is just a game. Having said that, it is a very fun game and it will last a long time but we definitely over hyped it. I will personally never follow and monitor a games progress like I did for SW:TOR ever again. Other then that the only problem I have with the game is that the Jedi Knight has absolutely 100% no force powers until level 24. There is a blatant disregard for the Force in the Jedi Knight's Class and I understand the Consular is geared more towards that but still it makes no sense because Luke and Anikan used the force even though they were Guardians. That's it for now guys! Enjoy SW:TOR and keep gaming!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Updates and Discussion Area

Ok so just incase there still are a few of you who follow this blog I'm going to make a quick little update.

So as for videos coming in the next few weeks, I will be starting my Assassins Creed Playthrough this friday and hopefully get you guys some videos by either late friday or early saturday morning. Other then that I'm trying to get skyrim before Christmas however, even if I do I have a feeling no one wants to see yet another playthrough of that on youtube but it's up to you guys so tell me what you guys think in the comments below. With that, I am upgrading to a Quad Core Processor on christmas and hopefully you'll see some BF3 videos around that time. With that, SWTOR comes out on Dec. 20th but I am going to be able to play on the 15th because of early access and so you may see some early videos from me. So that's gaming videos update.

In terms of Live Action Movies, Malgus is coming over my house this weekend to help finish filming Shooter 3 so I should be finished editing by early next week.

When it comes to our community, we really loved playing Huttball with you guys and so we're deiffinitly going to continue playing with you guys. Future game nights will consist of AC Revelations, TF2, Battlefront 2, Battlefield 3, and of course SWTOR! We're also setting up for a Euro Game night that will take place either fridays or saturdays so if your from Europe than please leave your feedback here!

Live long and prosper guys and I hope to hear from you all soon!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Gaming Schedule

Ok so I've worked on my schedule for this year and I think I've come up with a pretty good schedule. Here it is:

Monday: Minecraft
Tuesday: Nazi Zombies
Wednesday: Short Machinima, Podcast
Thursday: Playthrough (Possibly an Adventure map or full fledged Let's play)
Weekend: Swtor Update and Misc

Hopefully this schedule will work out and this will be a great gaming year!

Live long and prosper,

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Server Rules

Rules for DarthVulku's Server
Beta 1.7.3 Edition

    Under no circumstances are you allowed to have/give the following items; TNT, Fire, Flint and Steel, Lava (Both still and flowing count), and Bedrock. If you need a fireplace, have an admin light it for you. You are not allowed to light a forest on fire for the sake of clearing land, ever. If you need a project done that requires TNT or Bedrock you can forget about it.
    Under no circumstances are you allowed to do the following: You are not allowed to curse or use vulgar language. This includes other languages and sexual body parts. You are not allowed to grief under any circumstance. This includes Placing Items (such as dirt) in someones home or destroying items in someones home. Do not build 1X1 Towers. Do not leave floating trees. If a tree is to big to cut down completely, don't cut it down! Be kind and respectful of other players. Do not build in someone elses house if they do not permit. Do not build on top of or too close to other peoples creations as to not upset them. No making sculptures or symbols that might offend some people. This includes Swastikas and Sexual body parts. If someone builds a city, ask the owner of the city before making a house inside of it. Respect all admins as there ruling is final. Do not ask to become an Admin.

Admin Rules: (Applies only to admins)

Do not give any illegal items to citizens. Do not promote anyone to admin without my consent no matter what they say. Do not spawn in any illegal items yourself. If you are caught with TNT you are in just as much trouble as you would be if you weren't an admin. If you see someone breaking one of the rules, report it to me immediately via youtube message if I'm not on the server and tell the person to stop. If he continues, ban him immediately and message me via youtube on the subject matter.

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Old Republic News

So me and the crew have come up with the idea to revamp our Swtor Fridays and basically create a news broadcast about swtor. This would function just like the normal news show in that I would sit infront of the camera and talk and we would have video features/segments and what not. Now I need help with coming up with segments for the show so you can let me know if you have any ideas but here is what we came up with:

Part 1: Introduction. Introduce topics for the day.
Part 2: Update: See what was updated on the swtor website today.
Part 3: Discussion. Discuss what was updated and whether we think it will better/worsen the game.
Part 4: Community Creations. This is where we feature fan art, short stories, movies, and any other fan creations done by YOU! Yes you! We want to feature some of the cool stuff you guys do that is swtor related.
Part 5: Sign Off.

Once the game comes out we will most definitely be adding a segment that highlights gameplay footage, guild battles, and possibly a fail of the week or something like that. Please let me know if you guys have any ideas for other segments we can do on the show.

Live long and prosper,

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lost Episode 3

So episode 3 of lost is going to launch a bit later than expected. This next episode requires a lot of actors and a lot of visual effects. I won't give to much away but the next episode of lost is going to have a ship in it and there for I need to animate the ship sailing. The crew of the ship consist of four people and in some shots we have Cosmo and Jim in there as well so we would normally need 6 different actors for this particular scene which is a ton of people and there would be a lot of lag. To conquer over this, we will be using a green screen. I am going to shoot Mick in front of a green screen as all the different characters, and then I'll take that footage, apply the green screen effect, and then put all the characters into the shot on the ship. So in actuality we only need 1-3 people to film a scene with 6 or more characters in it. The green screen effects I'm still mastering so this is why it may be some time before we can publish episode 3 because everything needs to look perfect and there is a lot of room for errors. Anyway hope you guys will comment below with your feedback on this and I hope you enjoy episode 3 when it launches!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


So not to many updates this week so I'll just condense everything into one little paragraph:

The new schedule has been working out well but over the summer you lose track of time so the schedule is getting... floppy. I've already missed one Kotor Tuesday and like a months worth of portal and I'm sure a pirates thursday with a few late uploads here and there. Sorry : ( Anyway I'm still hanging onto the schedule just so that you guys don't go the whole summer without a video to watch but don't expect the uploads to be right on and know that I'll probably miss a video here and there. Anyway another reason for the upload times being a day late (minecraft mondays going up on tuesdays) is because my processor is practically fried. My friend convinced me to get a dual core AMD when we bought the computer. Dual cores are fine if all your doing is gaming but I need to record videos and run the games at the same time and on top of that I would like to eventually be able to render out videos while recording and gaming so a dual core will not do. I'm trying to get a part time job somewhere so I can pay for a quad core so I'll let you guys know how that goes. Anyway if I do get that job it will also pay for SWTOR and all the other games coming out in the fall. For the up coming week Minecraft Beta 1.7 should be coming out soon and that has pistons so I will deffinatly be ready to make a ton of videos with them in it. That about does it for this week so thanks for reading!