Saturday, May 21, 2011

Star Wars - History Lesson 1

The Mandalorian Wars

4 Thousand years before the rise of Darth Vader, the famed Sith Lord Exar Kun had retreated into his temple on Yavin 4 and became a force spirit which ended the Great Sith War. Roughly 30-40 years later surviving Sith in deep space came to the Mandalorians and convinced them to go fight with the Republic. The Mandalorians were convinced and so being led by Mandalore the Ultimate, they launched an attack on the Republic. Before they did this however, they went from planet to planet outside the Republics jurisdiction and conquered it. This gave the Mandalorians much needed wealth and resources. The Republic couldn't intervene since the planets being conquered were not under the control of the Republic. Mandalore then launched his attacks on the Republic. The Republic at first didn't see them as a true threat but soon learned the might of the Mandalorian Empire as hundreds of there worlds burned.

The Republic pleaded with the Jedi to help but the council preached patience and thought of alternatives to all out war. This is when the Jedi Knight Revan and his Apprentice Malak gathered many Jedi Knights and lead them to war, putting aside what their masters told them. Revan was a war genius. He began to lead the Republic to countless victories on all fronts. The Mandalorians were beaten but there was still one last move the Republic had to play. Revan pushed the Mandalorian forces back to Malachor V. Malachor was a world feared by the Mandalorians for centuries and was off limits to them and Revan knew this all too well. The full might of the Republic and the Mandalorian armies fought in the skies and on the ground of Malachor V. It was evident the Mandalorians would lose being that they were out numbered five to one. Revan boarded Mandalores flag ship and slew him single handedly. The Republic won the battle and the Mandalorians were stripped of their weapons, ammo, and armor.

Revan was a hero but he still defied the Jedi Council. However, he never faced justice among the order because he never returned. He and Malak left Republic space with a third of the Republic fleet claiming to be searching for the remnants of the Mandalorian Crusaders. Though that was not his true intention. You see, Revan was about to encounter something much darker and more powerful than the Mandalorians could have ever hoped to be...

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