Thursday, May 19, 2011

Weekly Update

Hey Guys!

As you can tell, this is my first post and I thought I should let you guys know about a few new things going on at Zionoth Studios and Vulku Productions. So hope you enjoy this entry for the first ever Weekly Update

Gaming News

Otherwise gaming news for the week is that I'm getting Portal 2 for PC so I'll be doing Co-op videos of that along with a Let's Play. Otherwise you guys should deffinatly comment here or message me with other suggestions for what games I should get and do videos for I'm open to all possibilities.

Media Projects
So we are in the process of making a Halo Reach Machinima called "The Bounty Hunter Chronicles". If you are interested in helping me film this online feel free to message me on my email, xbox, or youtube whichever you prefer. Other then that are making an action movie called "Colors of War" and that is to be filmed in real life (not machinima) so I'll notify you guys of that when it comes out.

Other News
So I just invested in a new microphone called the Yeti Pro by Blue Mic so if your interested in seeing that, look forward to my next setup video coming out next week otherwise google in right now and see what it looks like. Other then that I was just promoted to a Captain in Halo Reach!

Hope you all enjoyed the weekly update! Please leave feedback below!

Live long and prosper,

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