Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lost Episode 3

So episode 3 of lost is going to launch a bit later than expected. This next episode requires a lot of actors and a lot of visual effects. I won't give to much away but the next episode of lost is going to have a ship in it and there for I need to animate the ship sailing. The crew of the ship consist of four people and in some shots we have Cosmo and Jim in there as well so we would normally need 6 different actors for this particular scene which is a ton of people and there would be a lot of lag. To conquer over this, we will be using a green screen. I am going to shoot Mick in front of a green screen as all the different characters, and then I'll take that footage, apply the green screen effect, and then put all the characters into the shot on the ship. So in actuality we only need 1-3 people to film a scene with 6 or more characters in it. The green screen effects I'm still mastering so this is why it may be some time before we can publish episode 3 because everything needs to look perfect and there is a lot of room for errors. Anyway hope you guys will comment below with your feedback on this and I hope you enjoy episode 3 when it launches!

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