Wednesday, June 29, 2011


So not to many updates this week so I'll just condense everything into one little paragraph:

The new schedule has been working out well but over the summer you lose track of time so the schedule is getting... floppy. I've already missed one Kotor Tuesday and like a months worth of portal and I'm sure a pirates thursday with a few late uploads here and there. Sorry : ( Anyway I'm still hanging onto the schedule just so that you guys don't go the whole summer without a video to watch but don't expect the uploads to be right on and know that I'll probably miss a video here and there. Anyway another reason for the upload times being a day late (minecraft mondays going up on tuesdays) is because my processor is practically fried. My friend convinced me to get a dual core AMD when we bought the computer. Dual cores are fine if all your doing is gaming but I need to record videos and run the games at the same time and on top of that I would like to eventually be able to render out videos while recording and gaming so a dual core will not do. I'm trying to get a part time job somewhere so I can pay for a quad core so I'll let you guys know how that goes. Anyway if I do get that job it will also pay for SWTOR and all the other games coming out in the fall. For the up coming week Minecraft Beta 1.7 should be coming out soon and that has pistons so I will deffinatly be ready to make a ton of videos with them in it. That about does it for this week so thanks for reading!


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