Monday, August 8, 2011

The Old Republic News

So me and the crew have come up with the idea to revamp our Swtor Fridays and basically create a news broadcast about swtor. This would function just like the normal news show in that I would sit infront of the camera and talk and we would have video features/segments and what not. Now I need help with coming up with segments for the show so you can let me know if you have any ideas but here is what we came up with:

Part 1: Introduction. Introduce topics for the day.
Part 2: Update: See what was updated on the swtor website today.
Part 3: Discussion. Discuss what was updated and whether we think it will better/worsen the game.
Part 4: Community Creations. This is where we feature fan art, short stories, movies, and any other fan creations done by YOU! Yes you! We want to feature some of the cool stuff you guys do that is swtor related.
Part 5: Sign Off.

Once the game comes out we will most definitely be adding a segment that highlights gameplay footage, guild battles, and possibly a fail of the week or something like that. Please let me know if you guys have any ideas for other segments we can do on the show.

Live long and prosper,


  1. that is an awesome idea! Although you should add a mailbag, where you pick a few comments from the previous episodes that are questions about the game and you answer them and maybe have some guest people to debate about the game with or something :) i can't wait for you to start this! :D

  2. Great idea man I got a Roxio game capture recently for my ps3 gameplay and I plan on getting this rig: and then either getting the hd pvr or the roxio pc version the only difference is that the roxio is $160 cheaper and only records in 480p so tell me what you think man and like I have said before on the guild discussions on my channel for youtube is and I can't wait to kick butt with you guys in game with early access on my CE pre order have a good one man.